Yelp Reviews For Jail

So, you spent the night in jail. First thing you do when you get out? Better review it on Yelp.

Currently, Alameda County Jail, located in northern California has a 2.5 Star rating

ID: 340177

Staff is “hella rude”:

ID: 340160

Bologna sandwiches get good marks, but bad overall rating:

ID: 340161

Friendly advice for other potential drug dealers:

ID: 340159

One star, only because the lawn outside is so stellar:

ID: 340162

“I hate this jail”:

ID: 340164

“Creepy people”:

ID: 340163

5 stars!

ID: 340165

“I would almost rather die”. One star:

ID: 340166

A very fair and balanced review:

ID: 340167

“Looks nice from the outside” 2 stars:

ID: 340169

This guy had a bad time picking up his friend:

ID: 340170

“As far as jails go, this is the creme de la creme” 5 stars:

ID: 340171 / Via

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