16 Dogs Waiting For You To Finish Brunch

Please finish your bloody mary and let’s go.

1. These guys, who are reallllly ready to go home

ID: 920689

2. This guy, who will just stare at you until you finish

ID: 920318

3. This little guy, who isn’t sympathetic to your hangover

ID: 920770

4. This guy, who will just wait for you in the car

ID: 920311

5. This guy, who doesn’t care that you’re awkwardly having breakfast after a one-night-stand

ID: 920282

6. This guy, who got up on the bench and now can’t figure out how to get down and needs you to come help

ID: 920334

7. This guy in back, who can’t even stand waiting with the other dog and is pissed at you

ID: 920332

8. This guy, who thinks brunch is ridiculous anyways

ID: 920493

9. This guy, who wishes you would just finish up your waffles or at least drop him some bacon

ID: 920340

10. This guy, who wishes you would hurry up Instagramming your food and take him to the park

ID: 920344

11. This guy, who is pissed as heck at you

ID: 920402

12. This guy, who doesn’t understand why it isn’t just called lunch

ID: 920756

13. This guy, who is upset you brought him and won’t give him people food

ID: 920475

14. This guy, who can’t believe you’ve had 4 mimosas

ID: 920743

15. This guy, who really really wishes he could have some eggs benedict

ID: 920542

16. And this guy, who’s just pissed the waiting is taking so long to bring him his eggs benedict

ID: 920608

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