Complaints To Apple’s Nonexistent Twitter

Apple doesn’t use an official namesake Twitter account. But that doesn’t stop people from sending complaints to “@apple”.

The Twitter account @apple isn’t an active account run by the Apple company. It’s an “egg account” — it hasn’t changed it’s image from the default egg, and it’s never tweeted. It has over 6,000 followers, presumably people who don’t realize it’s not the real Apple corporate account.

Until this winter, the proper name (not the username) that appeared on the account was “R.J”, but it changed to “@apple” about 8 months ago. I like to imagine that some guy named R.J. created the account, but gave it up as soon as he was bombarded with tweets for the real Apple.

Here are a few people who will probably get upset when Apple doesn’t rush to answer their customer service issues.

Oh, Hermione, ever the wise one:

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