Checking In On Our #FollowATeens

Everyone’s following a random teen on Twitter. Let’s see what they’ve been up to.

The #followateen movement is in full swing, and it’s time to check in and see how our teens are doing. The idea behind #followateen is simple: find a random teen on Twitter, follow him or her, and update us about their teen lives. David Thorpe (@Arr) came up with the idea back in 2011, and just a few weeks ago brought it back.

The New Inquiry’s Helena Fitzgerald wonders if this is creepy. Well, madam, I did not come here to The Internet Dot Com to be called a creep just for attempting to quench the thirst of my decrepit old throat caked in the dust of three decades with the refreshing aqua vitae of joyful teen exuberance.

Fitzgerald decides that Twitter is all a big creepfest anyway, and that #followateen is okay partly because it shows the rest of us Olds how it’s done:

The social internet is determined by teenagers. Our use of the medium and all its memes and codes and approved and appropriated and habituated constructions and formal devices are all adapted from the language of teenagers using the internet. The Twitter account of a 16-year-old complaining about homework and boys can be seen simply as the true and correct use of Twitter.

Let’s see what everyone’s teens have been up to.

My teen got her new flat iron today!!!!!! #followateen

— madelinesonja (@Madeline)

OMG my teen finished her last final you guys. #followateen

— jwegener (@Jonathan Wegener)

My teen is excited to try the new pineapple coconut Bacardi #followateen

— KaylalalaMae (@klovespecialsauce)

my teen is worried about falling asleep in class but hates coffee and energy drinks because they're 'unnatural' #FollowATeen

— manliness (@Manliness)

My teen spoiled New Girl for me :( #followateen

— kfan (@Kevin Fanning)

My teen got asked to prom by dude texting "prom??".. It was very cute #followateen

— squidvstractor (@Cam Cam)

my #teen thinks butt size is not an indicator of attractiveness #followateen

— shani_o (@Shani O. Hilton)

My teen is applying for a summer job at some place called Zupas #followateen

— colinfitz (@Colin Fitzpatrick)

My teen is pretty upset that everybody has an opinion on Harry Styles’s tattoos. #FollowATeen

— rolando (@A sloppy kisser)

My teenager has only like 5 friends bc justin bieber takes up her entire life. #followateen

— jfals82 (@Jared)

my teen is done with his fucking bible homework #followateen

— BaronVonSnake (@Pokemon Otis)

My teen does not like her mom's cooking. She should probably just move out. #followateen

— caitstuff (@Cait Stuff)

My teen did meth last night #followateen

— walkerkaplan (@Peter Walker Kaplan)

My teen is concerned she’ll be stuck in her hometown forever. #followateen

— nprmatthew (@matthew adams)

My teen has never been so ready for summer in her life. #followateen

— CurrerBell (@Jen)

Chloe is flying by herself for the first time and pissed that the flight attendant skipped her she wants a survey #followateen

— JulieDHall1 (@JulieHall)

omg. my teen got her braces off today just in time for prom! #followateen

— pearrier (@Cate Humpage)

my teen is vacationing in florida, is disturbed to find so few starbucks, and already wants to go home. :( :( :( #followateen

— lilbloops (@Emma Tripp)

My #followateen really doesn't "like this girl"

— samir (@Samir Mezrahi)

#followateen Teen cannot contain excitement for the “The Great Gatsby” film adaptation

— BAFeldman (@Brian Feldman)

My teen thinks Jessie J's "Do It Like A Dude" music video is sooo weird. #followateen

— ellievhall (@Ellie Hall)

My teen is mad that they're pulling students from their classes to take an all-school photo. #followateen

— jdcrowley (@J Crowley)

My teen thinks his feet look weird as shit and they're tripping him out #followateen

— power_crystals (@Maciej)

My #followateen really hates Mondays. In just the last hour she's been "done" and now she's "crying and eating [her] life away." #Pray4Teen

— joshfjelstad (@Josh Fjelstad)

Alert my teen crowdsurfed not once but twice tonight #followateen

— JessicaKRoy (@Jessica Roy)

my teen was on snapchat for 3 straight hours. so much like us #followateen

— TheBeerNerd (@Commish of hangin')

my teen honestly doesn't know where she stands on gun laws. hasn't made up her mind yet, on the gun law issue. #followateen

— ConorTripler (@Conor Tripler)

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