Can You Make It Through This Post Without Blacking Out From Rage?

Trigger warning: human existence.

1. When you just want to drink your juice

ID: 1108868

2. When this is impossible to open

ID: 1113483

3. When this comes out one end

ID: 1113490

4. When you have to stand because someone is doing this

ID: 1108917

5. The fact that someone actually did this to a server

ID: 1113822

6. The confusing fact that someone continued to use this roll halfway through without ever replacing it

ID: 1108933

7. This guy’s footwear situation

ID: 1114196

8. When this won’t fit

ID: 1113505

9. When this happens

ID: 1114707

10. When you see this

ID: 1114497

11. When you can never get this thing off because it’s ON the scissors

ID: 1113510

12. The tragedy of the toaster strudel

ID: 1113703

13. No comment

ID: 1113851

14. When this happens

ID: 1114279

16. When someone replies to a text with

ID: 1113995

17. Even worse

ID: 1113992

18. This fucking guy

ID: 1114036

20. Are you approaching rage blackout?

ID: 1114866


Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images
ID: 1113380

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