Are Bronies Secretly Running American Politics?

Revealing photographs from the Republican primaries show the secret cabal controlling each candidate’s decisions. We know little about this group from a place called Equestria, other than that their main agenda appears to be “friendship”.

1. Romney on the campaign trail:

3. Just how far does Pinkie Pie’s influence on Romney go?

6. Santorum with his think tank:

9. Gingrich has been in the pocket of the ponies for decades:

12. A young Michael Jackson - secretly Perry’s advisor?

13. Ron Paul is clearly a shill for Big Pony:

19. Even Obama is just a puppet to the My Little Ponies

20. The pony conspiracy dates back to the ’50s; these photos reveal them with Joseph McCarthy

23. Wait, WHAT? Aaaaaahhhhhhh!! Ponies!!!!!!!

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