An Existential Crisis In Animated Text Gifs

This diary entry brought to you today by the most perfect Tumblr ever, Animated Text.

1. I awake in the morning from my slumber and say

ID: 1159629

2. I don’t even care because I’m so

ID: 1161030

4. The truth is

ID: 1159721

5. So I was thinking

ID: 1159735

7. Hahah I didn’t just say that, seriously would I ask to cyber?

ID: 1159737

8. No, no I’m not that kind of person

ID: 1160014

9. Ugh, I’m so ashamed

ID: 1161180

10. I mean, what was I thinking?

ID: 1160098

11. Sometimes I just get these uncontrollable urges

ID: 1159741

12. God, I’m so

ID: 1160017

13. What can I say?

ID: 1161215

14. I keep telling myself

ID: 1161349

18. I’m basically an

ID: 1161371

20. ~FIN~

ID: 1161227

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