23 Things Going On Inside The Mind Of A Birder

Hmmmm… is that a cedar or bohemian waxwing?

1. It’s September, that means fall migration has started

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2. Your mouth is watering just thinking about the warblers you’ll only see twice a year

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3. You can’t wait to get out there and commune with some nature

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4. Sure, your friends think you’re kind of nuts.

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5. When they excitedly tell you they saw a cardinal in their yard, you’re have to be like

“Oh, a CARDINAL, yes, that’s so cool! Nice work spotting it, thanks for taking a cellphone pic to show me.”

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6. Or when they try to describe a black bird they saw at the beach and that’s clearly a cormorant

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7. They don’t understand the feeling you get when you see a new bird for the first time

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8. Or when you read a rare bird alert

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9. And you drive 2 hours to go see some random bird that never comes through your area

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10. Then when you arrive, you just wait….. and wait…. and wait…..

And sometimes it’s just gone.

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11. The heartbreak when you see a rustle in a bush and then it just a lame old robin.

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12. The pain you feel when you hear a bird and can’t identify it and can’t see it

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13. Admittedly, birders may not exactly be the coolest people out there.

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14. And it’s not like you “love birds” in some creepy way

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15. You just appreciate majesty of the winged world.

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16. The small moments you can share with these creatures in nature.

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17. Birds make us reflect on ourselves. Like…. deep….

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18. It teaches us to pay close attention to the tiniest details, searching for each stripe and marking to identify a bird.

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19. Taking the time to watch their behavior, noticing new things about them every time.

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20. Just looking at all these birds is making you tingle with excitement.

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21. Admit it, you can’t stop staring.

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22. You’re freaking out just thinking about when the next time you can go out birding will be.

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23. Ah, yes. You are a birder.

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