23 Struggles Only People Living In A Dystopian Hellworld Will Understand


1. The slick coating on most surfaces left by chemtrails is constantly making you slip and fall.

2. Your children are taken away and raised by an entity known only as “The Shredder”.

3. When you attempt to obtain nourishment but your arms are too weakened to pour.

4. Being forced to fight to the death with your former loved ones over the scant resources left.

5. Attempting to seal up entry your home from marauding gangs of cannibal bandits.

6. Fleeing to the woods with your family after the virus has taken hold of the cities.

7. Joint pain caused by the radiation after the nuclear blast.

8. The fruitless attempts by scientists to sustain viable lifeforms to keep the planet alive.

9. The heart-shattering pain of losing the last memories of your loved ones before they all died in The Fire.

10. The relentless fighting for protective footwear once the Earth’s surface has turned to nails.

11. The fateful day gravity reversed itself.

12. The drudgery of slicing up your family’s feedcube ration to last for a month.

13. Being sold into sexual slavery by the furry bear-like alien invaders.

14. Receiving your forced microchip implant.

15. When you’re the President and you get a call from the head of NASA saying an asteroid is headed for Earth and you spill your snacks.

16. Being probed by aliens.

17. That moment the Reptilians first revealed themselves.

18. When your wife reveals herself to be a leader in the Reptilian Army.

19. Realizing for the first time that the government’s food supply is people

20. Being unable to wash away the regret and guilt for the things you have done to survive.

21. Blinding agony.

22. Constant vigilance.

23. Unending terror.

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Katie Notopoulos is a senior editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York. Notopoulos writes about the intersection of tech and web culture.
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