17 Works Of Snapchat Art

Snapchat: It’s not only for sexting. OK, it’s a lot for that, but also for some other stuff.

Just sayin “hi” over Snapchat (from BuzzFeed’s account)

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We all know Snapchat is great for sexting. But if you’re not planning on using it for that purpose, you might wonder, what’s the point?

The best feature of Snapchat (other than the reduced possibility of photos of your genitals ending up on Facebook) is the touchscreen drawing. With it, you can make masterpieces that last only 10 seconds or less.

While mostly these are doodles sent only for fun, the possibility for serious art to be created with Snapchat isn’t unreasonable. It’s a new technology for how popular photography is consumed; digital artists are surely experimenting with it now.

As acting curator of the BuzzFeed Museum of Modern Snapchats, I present this collection of inspired works of Snapart, preserved for posterity by screenshotting (poor form!).

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1. Revealing your cat is a wizard

ID: 819879

2. Asking a girl out on a date

ID: 819866

3. Adrien Grenier creepshot

ID: 819851

4. Ugly selfies

ID: 819875

5. Making puns while at boring trade shows

ID: 819884

6. Threatening people with your finger monsters

ID: 819893

7. Topical humor

ID: 819902

8. Postcard from vacation

ID: 819930

9. Letting someone know you love them

ID: 819943

10. Making your cat look cooler

ID: 819948

11. Making yourself into a unicorn

ID: 819954

12. Making your dog say “duh”

ID: 819961

13. Showin’ off your hot dog

ID: 819985

14. Important life updates

ID: 820035

15. Revealing you’re a pirate

ID: 820039

16. Making a purple man hump your cookies

ID: 820053

17. Best yet: giving yourself a new manicure

ID: 820062

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