13 Things Only Real Druids Will Understand

Solstices, amirite?

1. Praying to your multiple gods

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2. When your robe starts to smell funky and you’re like “omg”

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3. When your mom prays to the spirits for you to come to dinner

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4. Fighting the Romans in a bloody battle

Lol, pwned.

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5. Ugh, fuck you dad

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6. When the high priest calls for a human sacrifice of threefold death

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7. Building your Wicker Man for human sacrifices

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8. Being cool and pagan

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9. When your dad makes you carry these dumb heavy rocks for his stupid solstice ritual

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10. Shopping for new robes for the the first day of school

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11. Understanding birds

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12. Chillin’ out after school by the ‘henge, smoking cloves with your buddies

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13. Remember when we used to wear these headdresses? A true Iron Age druid will remember!

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