13 Best Garths

Imagine a newborn baby boy, imagine holding him for the first time, swaddled in a blanket at the hospital. “Welcome to the world, Garth,” you whisper.

13. DJ Garth

AAahahahahahah this is actually his real name. He’s DJ Garth. He is a house music producer from San Francisco.

ID: 836914

12. Garth Hudson

Multi-instrumentalist in The Band.

ID: 836891

11. Garth Brooks

The ur-Garth, the gaia of all garths.

ID: 837062

10. Garth Christian

British nature writer and conservationist.

ID: 836882

9. Garth Snow

Hockey man.

ID: 836898

8. Garth Williams

Guy who illistrated Charlotte’s Web

ID: 836904

7. Garth Crooks

Can you even believe there’s a guy named Garth FUCKING Crooks? Too good. This guy is some English pro soccer player or something.

ID: 836930

6. Garth Ennis

He writes Punisher comic books. Looks more like an Ennis Garth, though, doesn’t he?

ID: 836932

5. Chris Gaines

Garth pretender. Bad Garth. Terrible Garth.

ID: 837086

4. Garth Jennings

Music video director who made that dope R.E.M. video for “Imitation of Life”.

ID: 836944

3. GGGarth Richardson

Canadian music engineer. Yes, he goes by GGGarth.

ID: 836973

2. Jennie Garth

Katy Winn / AP

90210 Garth.

ID: 836995

1. Garth Algar

Best Garth.

ID: 837054

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