10 Reasons Why Erlich From Silicon Valley Is A Genius

If you aren’t enjoying your weekly Erlich on HBO’s Silicon Valley, reevaluate your TV habits.

1. He loves ramen

Like any good tech entrepreneur should

ID: 3030099

2. Math doesn’t do Erlich, Erlich does math

ID: 3030105

3. He is confident

ID: 3030128

4. He has awesome hair

And knows how to take care of it

ID: 3030131

5. He loves his body

Screw the media, as Erlich would say

ID: 3030141

6. He is a well-informed citizen

You want Erlich on your side during a fight, altercation or kerkufflfe

ID: 3030229

7. He will stand up to your enemies, big or small

Raging Erlich is one of the better Erlichs

ID: 3030235

8. He knows HTML

sexy HTML that is

ID: 3030247

9. He is a tech visionary

And he is not afraid to take a lot of mysterious mushrooms to see these visions

ID: 3030250

10. He doesn’t apologize for his lifestyle choices

ID: 3030262

Keep working it Erlich. We love you for who you are.

ID: 3030263

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