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    • katiejeany

      The problem with IUDs is they don’t prevent conception, they prevent fertilized ovums from implanting in the uterus. This point is rarely emphasized if even addressed. My doctor didn’t mention it when she recommended it after I got married. I did some research independently and discovered how it truly works. I was really glad I looked into it further, because to me that fact means it’s not an option for me. This may not be important to you, but if you believe in souls and you believe that a soul is developed at the point of conception- OR if your regard/respect for human life extends to this stage of development- IUDs are not for you. Just something to consider. I’m pro-life- but anti-judgement. I think safe abortions should be available - because as history shows- women, especially vulnerable populations are placed at high risk when they aren’t. So it may be a stretch for many of you to think of the IUD as a method of early abortion- but the beginnings of life are clearly there.