The Many Stages Of Drunk Texting

How did you let this happen again?

It is FINALLY the weekend. (Or just … after 6 pm.)

ID: 1263283

You planned to take it easy. Just two. No more.

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But that plan goes out the window pretty quickly.

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You think you’re totally composed, but you are … not.

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Suddenly you get an idea. It feels like a brand-new really, really GOOD idea, too.

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1. You’ll text your crush!!!

ID: 1263859

Your friends are not TOTALLY for this plan, but whatever.

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2. You send it, and there is just the briefest moment of pride and victory.

ID: 1263639

3. You feel like you came off cute and sexy, like this.

ID: 1263423

4. (But really it was more like this.)

ID: 1263477

5. The rest of the night is great! You don’t even check your phone at all.

ID: 1263658

6. Then, the next morning.

ID: 1263301

7. You remember.

ID: 1263646

8. You run-crawl to your phone to read it. And then you panic.

ID: 1263356

9. This is not good. NOT GOOD AT ALL.

ID: 1263413

10. You think about texting again, but what would you even say? Would it help??

ID: 1263320

11. You try to calm yourself down. No big deal!!

ID: 1263406

12. On the other hand, this is the worst thing that’s ever happened.

ID: 1263755

13. But you give yourself Advil, brunch, and a pep talk.

ID: 1263773

14. You decide to be preemptively mad at your crush for being annoyed by your drunk text.

ID: 1263386

15. Then you decide your head hurts too much to care.

ID: 1263430

16. Tomorrow’s a new day. Probably you’ll never do this again!

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