Ranking The Top 20 Men’s Tennis Players By Hotness

Love-LOVE, if you know what I’m saying. Get it??

20. Nicolas Almagro

Yuya Shino / Reuters

ATP Rank: 14
Pros: Whatever is going on here.
Cons: Bad temper. Real bad.

ID: 2312874

19. Andy Murray

Ahmed Jadallah / Reuters

ATP Rank: 4
Pros: Vaguely Elf-from-Lord of the Rings-y in appearance; tall.
Cons: Whiny, presumably cannot be taken to the beach.

ID: 2312280

18. Tommy Robredo

Maddie Meyer / Getty Images

ATP Rank: 18
Pros? Cons?? This happened!

ID: 2313358

17. Tomas Berdych

Bobby Yip / Reuters

ATP Rank: 7
Pros: Looks like a Sweet Valley high boyfriend on a yacht.
Cons: What is he ever wearing? You can’t take this one anywhere.

ID: 2312375

16. Mikhail Youzhny

Thananuwat Srirasant / Getty Images

ATP Rank: 15
Pros: Cool name; a buzz cut natural.
Cons: Seems like he has maybe never smiled.

ID: 2312963

15. Milos Raonic

Brandon Malone / Reuters

ATP Rank: 11
Pros: Great hair; cleans up real nice.
Cons: Is maybe 13.

ID: 2312600

14. Gilles Simon

Brandon Malone / Reuters

ATP Rank: 19
Pros: Makes the unibrow WORK for him.
Cons: That NECKLACE. Young man.

ID: 2313416

13. Fabio Fognini

Lintao Zhang / Getty Images

ATP Rank: 16
Pros: Has the impressive bone structure and bad-boyfriend looks of Eric Balfour.
Cons: Too many facial hair strategies used at once; seems like he wouldn’t text you back ever.

ID: 2313039

12. Richard Gasquet

Toby Melville / Reuters

ATP Rank: 9
Pros: Famous for his skilled one-handed backhand (leaving one hand free). French.
Cons: Lacks intensity.

ID: 2312477

11. Stanislas Wawrinka

Petar Kujundzic / Reuters

ATP Rank: 8
Pros: Fratty good looks, seems like he would always have weed.
Cons: Fratty good looks, seems like he would always have weed.

ID: 2312435

10. Kei Nishikori

Bobby Yip / Reuters

ATP Rank: 17
Pros: Very fast; strong work in the watch modeling department.
Cons: Overly dependent on white hats and headbands.

ID: 2313186

9. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

Ahmed Jadallah / Reuters

ATP Rank: 10
Pros: Likes to change up his hairstyles, keeping you guessing; intensely manly-looking.
Cons: Struggles with consistency.

ID: 2312563

8. Novak Djokovic

David Gray / Reuters

ATP Rank: 2
Pros: Solid abs to chest hair ratio. Eyebrows. Speaks 5 languages.
Cons: Hair lacks personality, gravity.

ID: 2312212

7. John Isner

Elsa / Getty Images

ATP Rank: 13
Pros: All-American, Zack Morris-esque good looks.
Cons: Clunky style, fashion- and tennis-wise.

ID: 2312849

6. David Ferrer

David Gray / Reuters

ATP Rank: 3
Pros: Most Fabio-like hair in the game (including even the pro tennis player named Fabio), strong jaw, seemingly made entirely of muscle.
Cons: A bit short; net game lacks agility.

ID: 2312256

5. Jerzy Janowicz

Matthew Stockman / Getty Images

ATP Rank: 20
Pros: Wh…aaa…whaaaaaat! OK!
Cons: Looks like a Slytherin.

ID: 2313492

4. Tommy Haas


ATP Rank: 12
Pros: Looks like a Disney Prince/Bachelor bachelor hybrid.
Cons: Could revert to this at any moment.

ID: 2312785

3. Rafael Nadal

Petar Kujundzic / Reuters

ATP Rank: 1
Pros: Great accent. Strong color coordination. Erstwhile Shakira-music-video-seducer.
Cons: Wedgies.

ID: 2312165

2. Roger Federer

Petar Kujundzic / Reuters

ATP Rank: 6
Pros: Maybe the best tennis player of all time. Endlessly deep and calming brown eyes.
Cons: Has own cologne called “Feel The Touch.”

ID: 2312332

1. Juan Martin Del Potro

Jason Reed / Reuters

ATP Rank: 5
Pros: Instinctive, evolutionary base appeal, good humor, almost everything.
Cons: Height makes it hard to kiss.

ID: 2312309

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