28 People Making Terrible Jokes About Cyber Sex Monday

Nobody has used the term “cyber sex” in at least 12 years. That didn’t stop these people from making awful jokes about it.

Want to enter your own terrible joke into the historical record of terrible jokes made about a day dedicated to online shopping? Choose one of the categories below, or make up your own! Just kidding, you can’t make up your own. They’ve all been done. A lot.

Keep It Simple

“This term reminds me of another term I heard once and I have nothing further to say about it.”

”_____? More like _____ !!!”

Ba dum bum chhh.

“Cyber Monday? EWWW”

There is no need to be scandalized or concerned or worried about dozens of people wantonly trying to have sex with you over the Internet because it’s Cyber Monday. This isn’t a real thing!

Computer Viruses = STDs.

Get it? Hahahaha. GET IT???

And The MOST Common Cyber Monday Joke: Pretend to Still Be Confused About What Cyber Monday Is “About”


Finally, a Challenge

Do your worst. No, don’t!!! Seriously, don’t. Please stop.

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