23 Puppies Who Couldn’t Wait Until Christmas Morning

Bad dog. But, awwwwwwwww.

2. OMG I can’t get it open.

6. I’m just helping.

7. It’s me-sized.

8. I’m just smelling it.

12. Maybe if I’m reaaaaally quiet.

13. Delicious. Tastes like Christmas.

15. I wasn’t doing anything I swear.

16. Can you just … help.


18. I’m just opening part of it.

Holly Williams / Via Flickr: 29981072@N00

19. Oh I was just playing with the ribbon.

Jeff Hill / Via Flickr: 26574193@N06

20. I just wanted to try it on.

21. You caught me.

Daniel Vucsko / Via Flickr: 64952021@N00

22. I couldn’t wait two more weeks.

Heather Carpenter Costello / Via Flickr: heatheranneulrich

23. I’m just feeling it.

And of course, the best compilation of puppies getting into the Christmas presents there ever was.

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