21 Reasons To Be Thrilled It’s Finally Almost Winter

It really IS the most wonderful time of the year.

1. Making the first tracks through fresh snow.

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2. Inventing new ways to make snow(wo)men.

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3. Festive long johns.

ID: 1948661

4. Peppermint hot cocoa.

ID: 1949240

5. Beautiful, beautiful layers.

ID: 1949237

6. Streets lit up like this.

ID: 1949285

7. Cool sheets and warm comforters and staying too long in bed.

ID: 1949341

8. Heating up by the fire.

ID: 1949361

9. Chili.

ID: 1950135

10. Sledding, which you’ll never be too old for.

ID: 1950358

11. The instant, easy elegance of a winter coat.

ID: 1949393

12. Animals in people hats.

ID: 1949419

13. And people in animal hats.

ID: 1949878

14. A nice and natural snack.

ID: 1949724

15. Seeing your breath on a walk.

ID: 1949746

16. Flannel bedding.

ID: 1949802

17. Boots, the easiest/best/coolest footwear type of all.

ID: 1949858

18. Watching your favorite holiday-themed movies, again.

ID: 1950224

19. Poinsettias, the most beautiful and most cheery plant.

ID: 1950006

20. The smell of balsam trees.

ID: 1950625

21. And especially, especially this.

ID: 1949753

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