21 Reasons To Be Thrilled It’s Finally Almost Winter

It really IS the most wonderful time of the year.

1. Making the first tracks through fresh snow.

2. Inventing new ways to make snow(wo)men.

3. Festive long johns.

4. Peppermint hot cocoa.

5. Beautiful, beautiful layers.

6. Streets lit up like this.

7. Cool sheets and warm comforters and staying too long in bed.

8. Heating up by the fire.

10. Sledding, which you’ll never be too old for.

11. The instant, easy elegance of a winter coat.

12. Animals in people hats.

13. And people in animal hats.

14. A nice and natural snack.

15. Seeing your breath on a walk.

16. Flannel bedding.

17. Boots, the easiest/best/coolest footwear type of all.

18. Watching your favorite holiday-themed movies, again.

19. Poinsettias, the most beautiful and most cheery plant.

20. The smell of balsam trees.

21. And especially, especially this.

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