18 Agonizing Realities Of Crushing On Your Sibling’s Friends


1. If siblings’ friends are off-limits, WHY IS YOUR SIBLING MAKING FRIENDS WITH SUCH HOT PEOPLE.

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2. WHY is your sibling bringing around Hot Friends in the SUMMER, when people might be SWIMMING?

Everyone: stay fully clothed!!! Put on snow suits!!!!!

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3. Like, the fact that it IS kind of/sort of forbidden is … what makes it more appealing.

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4. You can never think of anything to say to the Hot Friend, because you don’t have anything in common except … your sibling.

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5. If you find out Hot Friend is coming over, or meeting up with you guys, you try to play it cool. (Badly.)

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6. Your sibling WILL start to get suspicious, and ask if you think their friend is cute or something, and you’re like …

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7. If your sibling and Hot Friend are older, you have to try to prove your maturity and coolness.

Mmm, yes, I *also* know a lot about alcohol.

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8. And if they’re younger, it’s probably even worse.

(Omg they can tell I’m old and lame. I am literally 800 years old and the most boring human alive.)

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9. You constantly run the risk of your sibling divulging something SUPER EMBARRASSING about you as a kid.

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10. You know exactly what your sibling would say if you asked if they minded.

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11. If something does eventually, magically happen, your sibling is going to be piiiiiiiiissed.

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12. But that hasn’t stopped you from imagining it.

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A little daydream never hurt anyone!!!!!!!!

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13. Sometimes they come over without notice, and you bump into them in the kitchen in your torn pajamas, hair a mess.

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14. But when you DO know they’re coming over, you have to try to make yourself presentable in a way that isn’t too obvious.

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15. And there is nothing like being in the company of your immediate family to throw off your flirting game.

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16. If something happens in their friendship, you take it as a personal slight.

What. Do you MEAN. He isn’t coming over anymore.

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17. And while you know it’s possible that something might still happen anyway …

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18. You also know the idea of your sibling’s Hot Friend is probably better staying that way anyway.

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