17 Signs You Have Hair ADD

Maybe I want bangs.

1. When people ask you what your natural hair color is, you have to think about it.

It was kind of a … like a … light … brown? Blondish … red? I don’t know, let me try to find some pictures of me at 13.

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2. You don’t understand your friends who hate going to the salon. You LOVE the salon.

Two hours of forced-no-activity, and you’ll massage my head? AND make me look awesome? Yes, please.

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3. Your hair-chameleon icon is the goddess Rihanna.


How can one person look so beautiful in so many different hair colors and styles. Truly, it is magic.

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4. You use dramatic hair transformations the way other people use therapy.

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5. After a new cut you typically spend about 2-4 weeks ADORING your hair.

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6. … before then starting to completely DETEST. IT.

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7. You’re on a lifelong search to find the PERFECT SHADE that will flatter your face, make you gorgeous, and improve pretty much your entire life.

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8. You see videos of Beyoncé whipping her hair and immediately decide: I have to grow out my hair.

(Or get extensions. Would that we could all afford celebrity-grade extensions!!!!)

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9. And then you look at pictures of Miley or Jennifer Lawrence or Julianne Hough and decide: I HAVE TO HAVE THAT HAIR.

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10. You consider getting/growing out your bangs roughly 47 times a day.

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11. You follow at least one fancy hair-do Instagram. (Or you have a hair-focused Pinterest.)

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12. … and at least one crazy-colorist, too.


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13. You’ve tried every infomercial/celebrity-hawked hair tool in the business.

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14. You’ve googled “how to cut own hair” on SEVERAL impatient occasions.

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You went through with it — once. Never again.

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15. Your first reaction upon seeing teen blogger gifs on Tumblr is to wonder: Is [your age] too old for neon blue anime hair?

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16. You’ve impulsively gotten more than one hair cut that made you go home and cry.

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17. And then realized that, no matter what you do to it, it’ll be okay. It’s just hair.

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