17 Everyday Struggles Of Being A Tall Girl

I actually can’t hear you from up here.

1. Everyone asks if you play basketball (or volleyball).

Maybe you did! Maybe, also though, you are desperately unathletic.

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2. You get one picked-over rack of clearance shoes in a sale at MOST.

“Bye! Headed for the wealth of 7.5s!” — your annoying, shorter friends.

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3. Your “awkward phase” just kind of…never…ended??

There is just soooo much limb to manage.

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4. You refuse to shop at Long Tall Sally, because it is called Long Tall Sally.

Ugh I bet things in there WOULD fit nicely, though.

ID: 1819081

5. That thing where you complain about jean length and your friends are like, “LOL yeah I have to get mine hemmed.”

ID: 1819097

6. Knowing you’ll always be the tragically superior hugger in any pairing of two girls hugging.

Short people hug so weird.

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7. The eternal question: shirt or dress?

ID: 1823822


You couldn’t blend into the crowd even if you wanted.

ID: 1819231

9. When short girls judge you for wanting to date guys near your height.


ID: 1819054

10. It’s not that you mind standing out, but you can’t do that female pop star group thing of all looking the same in a picture.

ID: 1823318

11. Most other people come up riiiiiiiight to your chest.

Sometimes this is awkward. Sometimes it is fine.

ID: 1823199

12. The decision to wear heels is a commitment to being well over 6 feet tall for the day.

ID: 1823720

13. Insufficient legroom in the passenger seat of your date’s car.

Look how annoyed she is.

ID: 1823785

14. Being taller than your slow-dancing partner for pretty much all of middle school and high school.

ID: 1824061

15. Trends are not your friends.

LOL I think we both know this isn’t happening.

ID: 1823879

16. Feeling immediately terrible at concerts/movies for blocking people behind you.

ID: 1824141

17. People meeting you for the first time always say, “You’re so tall!” and you’re like, “…Yep!”

I mean, I’ve noticed.

ID: 1824032

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