Dogs Wearing Sweaters

Sometimes, a fur coat isn’t enough.

1. That is one fancy sweater, dog.

ID: 697992

2. A more feminine sweater

For the doggie Elle Woods.

ID: 698013

3. This dog is proud to wear his sweater

And he doesn’t care who knows it.

ID: 698017

4. This dog is less proud

ID: 698018

5. Sometimes, just a sock will do

ID: 698020

6. For the dog with school spirit

ID: 698026

7. For the dog who loves to accessorize

ID: 698028

8. For the dog who appreciates the finer things

ID: 698030

9. For the dog who would like to appear more sensitive / Via http://Pinterest
ID: 698022

11. For the dog with no self-respect / Via http://Pinterest

None whatsoever.

ID: 698041

12. Another option

ID: 698043

13. For the dog with terrible fashion sense

But he thinks he’s stylish.

ID: 698046

14. For the dog who is smarter than you

ID: 698048

15. For the dog who wishes he were an owl

ID: 698034

16. TWIST: This dog IS a sweater

ID: 698036

17. I’ll leave you with this / Via http://Pinterest
ID: 698037

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