How The NYC Subway Can Ruin Your Day

Commuting in the Big Apple. Big Sucks.

1. It’s a gorgeous day out and you walk to the subway all:

ID: 1160965

2. The train pulls in and shoots you a quick breeze

ID: 1160969

3. Then you realize its the 6 train in the middle of rush hour

ID: 1161033

4. So you squish in and realize the only spot is standing next to this guy

ID: 1161043

5. After a few minutes of analyzing the stench, you switch cars and stare directly at this

ID: 1161051

6. Forget it… you’ll just switch to the seemingly empty train across the platform.

ID: 1161066

7. After calling 511 you realize you have to pee like hell and stop at the restrooms in Grand Central

ID: 1161080

8. Dry heave approximately 3 minutes. Then you return to subway where the only seat is between this guy

ID: 1161132

9. And that

ID: 1161136

10. So you’re like “Screw it. I’ll just get off and take the slow-as-your-grandmother bus.”

ID: 1161467

11. Then you finally arrive at work and this asshole walks by

ID: 1161473

12. And all you can hope for is this to happen

ID: 1161476

13. So you complain to co-workers about the commute… but they remind you of a humbling experience from last weekend

ID: 1161487

14. And then you realize that maybe it’s not the subway thats the problem. It’s assholes like yourself.

ID: 1161491

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