What Stores Should Actually Be Named

What’s in a brand?

1. J. Crew

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

J. Cruella de Vil.

2. Lush

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

Are you sure that’s not a wedge of parmesan??

3. American Apparel

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

Made in the USexA.

4. Bebe

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

The touch, the feel of spandex and other tight synthetic fibers.

5. Lady Foot Locker

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

Because ladies need a separate store for their lady sneakers!!!!!

6. The Art of Shaving

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

An entire franchise devoted to overpriced hair grooming products is VERY necessary.

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

Knit turtleneck: in vogue or in your dad’s closet???

8. Steve Madden

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

Add $100 for every heel inch.

9. Build-A-Bear

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

Now that’s the capitalistic spirit!!!

10. Swatch

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

For all your neon green rubber wristwatch needs!!!

11. Urban Outfitters

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

Wait, so is this where your arms go?

12. L’Occitane

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

L’Occihgjkdamveiwalmcs. Oui, Oui.

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