19 Thoughts Every Girl Has Had When Transitioning From A Side Part To A Middle Part

Not for the faint of part.

So today is a new day and you want to ~~spice~~ up your look.

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The fine-toothed comb speaks to you.


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1. I do always wear my part on the same side of my head…

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2. I might as well try the middle part…

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Help part II.
(Pun intended.)

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3. I mean why not?

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4. Middle parts are cool.

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5. Certifiably cool.

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6. Middle parts are posh.

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Props to the guy in the background.

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7. Middle parts are timeless.

JTT, because duh.

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So you commit and take the comb to your hair.

More Hilary Duff, for good measure.

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The deed has been done.

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8. Um, where did my forehead go?

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9. OK, how does my hair look greasy and stringy?

Except Beyoncé still looks phenomenal and can rock stringy hair because life isn’t fair.

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Is that fig I spy? Such classy string cheese.

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12. Why does my chin look so prominent?

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13. But what would Nick Carter do?

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14. What would Chris Kirkpatrick do?

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15. Do not back down. You can handle this.

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You enter the outside world with a newfound confidence.

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But then…

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“Did you change your hair?”—Everyone

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“You look different today.” —People

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I love your middle part, they said. You can definitely pull it off, they said.

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16. What have I done?

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17. I must return to my old ways.

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18. The side is calling me.

Benoit Tessier / Reuters
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19. Ah, much better.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images
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Moral of the story:

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