Life As A Broke Twentysomething

I’m 25 and I’m broke. How ‘bout you?

1. It’s like, where did all my money go?

2. Back when I was in college, I lived like a fucking king.

3. I was living the big life.

4. Man, I should’ve known it would all be downhill from there…

5. I entered the Real World.

6. When I saw my first paycheck, I was like:

7. So now, I try to be smart and save where I can. I go to every week for new ideas.

8. Did you know you can unclog a toilet for FREE by pouring boiling water into it from high above? Gee, thanks, Reddit!

9. Oh! And when a store doesn’t accept credit cards these days:

11. Anyway, my brainiac 19-year-old sister tells me I should use apps like Mint to manage my finances.

12. But I’m like, This is effing complicated.

13. Of course, my personal debt doesn’t even begin to compare to the country’s debt.

15. I literally can’t afford my life.

16. Time for a raise?

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