The House Voted Twice On A Veterans Affairs Bill Just So People Could Be On The Record

Veterans Affairs Committee chair Jeff Miller missed the first vote.

In light of the recent VA scandal — where patients have been experiencing extraordinary wait times and some may have even died — the House moved Tuesday to pass a bill allowing veterans to get treatment outside of the VA system.

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The bill passed 421-0. Speaker John Boehner and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy both released a statement announcing the vote’s passage.

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But then the vote was vacated. Here’s the note from the clerk’s office that the vote was vacated.

The first vote was then vacated by a unanimous consent request.

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Because the vote was vacated, it’s unclear who missed the first vote.

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Sources said that the chairman of the Veterans Affairs Committee and sponsor of the bill, Jeff Miller, and several other members missed the vote and wanted to be on record supporting it. Miller acknowledged to reporters he missed it.

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So the bill was brought up to a vote again. It passed again. This time, 426-0.

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