What It’s Like To Be In Unrequited Love

At least there’s food.

1. So, you have been pining for someone who doesn’t like you back…

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2. You’re 98% sure that they don’t feel the same way.

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3. But that doesn’t stop you from thinking about them all day.

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4. Or spending most of your time analyzing someone you don’t even talk to that much.

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5. Or thinking every song is about them.

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6. Some of your friends are supportive…

ID: 1431258

7. But some are brutally honest.

ID: 1431282

8. And they all make this face when you bring him/her up:

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9. Everybody refers to your feelings as “that thing”.

ID: 1431340

10. But you still love them anyway.

ID: 1431378

11. Even if you also hate them.

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12. So, you’re resigned to torture yourself.

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13. You can’t sleep.

Like, at all.

ID: 1431466

14. You’re not hungry.

ID: 1431559

15. Except when you are.

ID: 1431571

16. And then that’s all you can think about.

ID: 1431586

17. Yeah.

Food’s great.

ID: 1431596

18. And everything seems fine again…

ID: 1431617

19. Until they text you.

It’s radar, guys.

ID: 1431643

20. You tell your friends that you’re pissed they contacted you.

ID: 1431707

21. But in your head:

ID: 1431712

22. Really, you’re okay with it.


ID: 1431725

23. Until you don’t get a reply. For weeks.

“Maybe I’m just out of service? Did I pay the phone bill yet?”

ID: 1431776

24. And you’re back here again:

ID: 1431788

25. You’ve scanned their Facebook to try to figure out who they’re dating.

ID: 1432256

26. You’ve cried in public just thinking about them. Once.

ID: 1431906

27. Or twice.

“This was going to be our song.”

ID: 1431920

28. You start questioning where you went wrong.

ID: 1432053

29. And all of your major life decisions.

“I should have gone to Brown!”

ID: 1432126

30. The meaning of Love.

ID: 1432225

31. Maybe even the universe.

ID: 1432133

32. Until you hit a wall.

This isn’t worth it. You’ve had enough.

ID: 1432184

33. You take an inventory of everything you actually have.

ID: 1432192

34. Great friends.

With exponentially more love to give you.

ID: 1432216

35. A cool job.

Okay, maybe just a paying job.

ID: 1432236

36. And this:

ID: 1432246

37. You realize…

ID: 1432269

38. You’re sooo over them.

ID: 1432290

39. But that’s probably just because you have a new crush.

ID: 1432314

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