9 Famous Kates Naked In Magazines

Theory: people named Kate must be especially into posing in the buff for magazines. Here, nine famous Kates who’ve done nude photo shoots—from Kate Upton to Kate WInslet.


Kate Upton poses for this month’s Muse magazine.

ID: 147663

Kate Mara in the bathtub for Esquire in 2009.

ID: 147664

Katy Perry loses everything but her fishnets for Rolling Stone in 2010.

ID: 147666

Kate Walsh on the cover of Shape Magazine this month.

ID: 151568

Kate Winslet draped in a fur coat in Vanity Fair in 2008.

ID: 151569

Kate Moss’ butt on the cover of Vogue Brasil in 2010.

ID: 151570

Mega airbrushed Kate Hudson on the cover of InStyle in 2001.

ID: 151571

Catherine Zeta-Jones stripped down for Allure in 2010.

ID: 151574

Kate Beckinsale in just her knickers in Esquire, 2009.

ID: 151576

Get the story behind each of these shots here.

ID: 147668

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