35 Signs You Went To A Liberal Arts College In The Early ’90s

You took back the night, wrote papers on a Mac Plus, and worshipped Madonna.

1. You learned that any girl over 16 is a woman. Actually: a womyn.

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2. You got very excited about protesting the impending Gulf War and were slightly sad when it ended so quickly.

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3. You protested the existence of frats, but also sometimes went to frat parties.

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4. You wanted more than anything to hang out with Madonna and Sandra Bernhard.

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5. You wrote papers on a Mac Plus.

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6. And you printed out your papers in some creepy basement.

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7. You attended many Take Back the Night rallies.

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8. You loved correcting people on the pronunciation of W.E.B. Du Bois’ last name. (IT’S DOO-BOYZ.)

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9. You wore tie-dye even though you KNEW it was objectively ugly.

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10. The philosophy of Andrea Dworkin kind of destroyed your sex life.

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11. You were assigned The Autobiography of Malcolm X for most classes.

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12. But Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Woman Warrior also made it onto an impressive number of your reading lists.

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13. You tried and failed to get arrested at an anti-apartheid/free Nelson Mandela/divestment die-in.

ID: 2015806

14. You got super high and listened to the Velvet Underground and Nico.

ID: 2015667

15. You got super high and had to go to the health center because you were sure you were having a heart attack.

ID: 2015677

16. You wrote a paper about Pretty Woman as the anti-feminist apocalypse (but secretly liked it).

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17. And another one about the homophobia in Silence of the Lambs (but genuinely loved it).


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18. You had fights — like real ones — about who was better, Derrida or Foucault.

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19. You were issued a rape whistle with your new student package.

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20. And when you were walking alone at night, if a woman was walking near you, you crossed the street so she felt safe.

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21. You spent a lot of time thinking about Chuck D and Flavor Flav’s relationship. Like, what did they talk about?

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22. When Nirvana exploded, you felt like Kurt Cobain had maybe stolen your look a little.

ID: 2015856

23. Your entire campus took acid en masse at least twice a year.

ID: 2015797

24. You didn’t have a TV, so you had to watch Twin Peaks at the campus center in a huge group.

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25. But no matter how many people were around, Bob was scary as shit.

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26. Jesse Jackson spoke on your campus. You cried.

ID: 2015949

27. You truly loved the Grateful Dead and took a semester off to follow them.

ID: 2016129

28. You truly hated the Grateful Dead, but were forced to go to at least three Dead shows anyway.

ID: 2016142

29. In order to communicate with your friends, you had to leave them notes on their doors.

ID: 2016064

30. Your first self-owned kitchen item was a wok.

ID: 2015982

31. And your first dinner party with it was an all-Moosewood extravaganza.

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32. Your personal anthem was Snap’s “I’ve Got the Power.”

ID: 2016179

33. And you got very into Silence = Death fashion.

ID: 1991465

34. Because you recently came out.

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Columbia Pictures

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35. You called people PC — and you meant it as a compliment!

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