A Date With The Doctor: A Fangirl’s Dream Come True

My fiance and I are new fans of Doctor Who. Last night was our last anniversary as an unmarried couple. Here’s how it went down:

He picked me up in this

Complete with Tardis sounds…

9th doctor ready for traveling.

2. First we traveled back to the 50s..

3. Complete with…Autons??

4. Careful of The Wire, Doctor!

5. And then back to the Tardis for our next trip…

…having some trouble with the wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff?

6. One trip to the past and one to…the stars?

Redmoon Martini Bar

7. The drinks were out of this world…

We discussed at length which of the patrons were alien and which were human…#nerdalert

8. Here’s to a lifetime more of traveling with you…

9. Happy Anniversary, Doctor!!

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