The 19 Coolest Pizza Boxes You’ve Never Seen

From the collection of the Guinness World Record holder for the most pizza boxes. There’s something for everyone!

This is Scott Wiener.

Scott Wiener

He holds the Guinness World Record for most pizza boxes at 595 boxes from 45 countries (now 650 and counting!)

ID: 2574269

Not only does Scott run his own New York City pizza tours, he just published a book about delicious art.

Scott Wiener


Here are some of the best boxes he’s collected:

ID: 2590816

1. You’ve probably seen this classic, or a variation.

Scott Wiener / Via

Long Island, N.Y.

ID: 2569822

2. But what if we class it up a bit?

Scott Wiener / Via

Picasso’s Pizzeria, Buffalo, N.Y.

ID: 2569820

3. Maybe take a nice stroll along the Italian waterfront without leaving your couch?

Scott Wiener / Via

Roma Foods, Tour of Italy series, Volume 1, N.J.

ID: 2569825

4. Not if Ed Hardy has anything to say about it.

Scott Wiener / Via

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, San Francisco

ID: 2569833

5. Share a slice with Bizarro Bart and Homer!

Scott Wiener / Via

Da Portare Via, Amsterdam

ID: 2569837

6. Eat your body weight in pizza.

Scott Wiener / Via


ID: 2569925

7. Pair your hot, wet cheese pie with this Benjamin Button baby.

Scott Wiener / Via

Printed by RockTenn, Roma Foods, N.J.

ID: 2569830

8. Feel free to invite Sophia Loren and Toto to the party.

Scott Wiener / Via

Naples, Italy

ID: 2569836

9. Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother’s oven we go.

Scott Wiener

Stock print from RockTenn, printed in Wakefield, Mass.

ID: 2569827

10. Make it hot, delicious and fun with a greasy puzzle!

Scott Wiener / Via

PackToy 80-piece Venetian puzzle, U.S. and Brazil

ID: 2569838

11. Wow much sparkle.

Scott Wiener / Via

Domino’s, Japan

ID: 2569843

12. In the words of Eddie Izzard: “Ciaoooo.”

Scott Wiener / Via


ID: 2569849

13. Best wishes! Love, Pokémon

Scott Wiener / Via

Pizza-La, Korea

ID: 2569859

14. Have a slice of Star Wars betrayal.

Scott Wiener / Via

Pizza Hut, U.S.

ID: 2569852

15. Or have it old school.

Scott Wiener / Via

Domino’s, Japan

ID: 2569874

16. This pizza is just OK!

Scott Wiener / Via


ID: 2569865

17. I’d like a slice with a side of serenade.

Scott Wiener / Via

Art by pizza-box artist Luca Ciancio

ID: 2569929

18. Pizza keeps these hooligans off the streets.

Scott Wiener / Via

Art by Luca Ciancio

ID: 2569935

19. And the best for last: This box unlocks a game.

Scott Wiener / Via

Hell Pizza, New Zealand. Paired with the box, the iPhone/iPad app recognizes the box image and transforms it into a playing field for a first-person shooter game. The game only works with the box, and the more pizza you get, the levels you unlock!

ID: 2569883

You can see Scott’s box exhibit in New York through the end of March here!

ID: 2590982

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