Now That We Know What Richard III Looked Like, Who Will Play Him In The Movies?

The remains of the long-dead English king have been found. And now his face has been reconstructed.

1. Richard III died in battle more than 500 years ago, and his remains were presumed lost…

Neil Hall / Reuters
ID: 861027

2. …until recently, when his remains were discovered beneath a parking lot in Leicester.

University of Leicester / AP
ID: 861238

3. Now experts have recreated the king’s facial features. Which leads us to wonder…

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images
ID: 861014

4. Who could play him in the movies?

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images
ID: 861012

5. Nicholas Holt?

ID: 861111

6. Joaquin Phoenix?

ID: 861256

7. Christina Ricci?

ID: 861246

8. Marilyn Manson?

ID: 861248

9. Gerard Way?

ID: 861251

10. Roseanne Barr?

ID: 861253

11. Lord Farquaad?

ID: 862428

12. Michael Stipe?

ID: 861262

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