How The Troggs’ Reg Presley Inspired “Spinal Tap”

RIP Reg Presley, responsible for ’60s hits “Wild Thing” and “Love Is All Around.” Oh, and the greatest (and sweariest) in-the-studio argument ever captured on tape.

1. “Wild Thing” singer Reg Presley has passed away at the age of 71.

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2. “This Is Spinal Tap,” released in 1984, is the funniest film about rock music ever made.

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3. It features a scene in which the fictional band argue, endlessly and pointlessly, in the recording studio.

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4. That scene was inspired by a bootleg recording of The Troggs having a foulmouthed meltdown. It’s very funny and VERY British.

Harry Dempster / Getty Images
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5. Standout quotes? Well…

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6. “You’ve got to put a little bit of f***ing fairy dust over the bastard, you know?”

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7. “Oh, we’ll put some f***ing fairy dust over it. I’ll piss all over the tape!”

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8. “You’re talking out the back of your f***ing arses!”

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9. Here’s f***ing part one:

ID: 860927

10. And here’s f***ing part two:

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11. And here’s a scene from “This Is Spinal Tap.” Hear the similarity?

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