20 Questions Muslims In India Are Tired Of Being Asked

What does (random Urdu word) mean?

1. “You must support Pakistan in India v/s Pakistan na?”

Yash Raj FIlms / Via giphy.com

2. “Your ancestors must be from Pakistan na?”

Dharma Productions / Via carbonated.tv

3. “You definitely have some connection with Pakistan na?”

Yup! Love for Fawad Khan is all the connection I have with Pakistan!

4. “Why do you wear a burqa?”

Dharma Productions / Via http://izismile.com

Mah LyFf, mah RulzZ.

5. “Why don’t you wear a burqa?”

Balaji Telefilms

Mah lyf, mah rulzZ.

6. “You can’t eat in Ramadan but you can still drink water, right?”

Via http://izismile.com

We can take chullu bhar paani and drown you in it instead.

7. “Don’t you get hungry?”

Yash Raj Films / Via http://in.lifestyle.yahoo.com

8. “You must know Mohammed Ali Road inside out!”

Yash Raj Films / Via http://bollypop.in

Why? I don’t live there.

9. “Did you know Kasab?”

Balaji Motion Pictures / Via http://in.lifestyle.yahoo.com

10. “What does (random Urdu word) mean?”

Lily Singh || Superwoman || / Via giphy.com

Yes, because every stereotypical Muslim character in Bollywood speaks Urdu, I should too, right?

11. “You must love Shah Rukh and Salman movies.”

Film Kraft / Via http://bollywoodgifs.tumblr.com

The ones that make sense, yes.

12. “Are you related to any of them?”

Film Kraft / Via http://izismile.com

13. “Does your mom make chicken, mutton and biryani like everyday?”

Dharma Productions / Via bollywood.glooce.com

Unlike you, my mom has better things to do.

14. “Can you make biryani?”

Yash Raj Films / Via http://bollywoodgifs.tumblr.com

I can take you down in a biryani eating match.

15. “Muslims shouldn’t swear, right? Why are you swearing?”

Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision / Via indiaopines.com

16. “You must’ve totally slaughtered a bakra for Eid na?”

Nope, not yet. I needed your neck.

17. “You must keep going to Saudi na?”

Eros Entertainment / Via mtv.in.com

18.Jihad means terrorism, right?”

SLB Films Pvt. Ltd / Via http://indipepper.com

It’s jihad trying to make you understand something!

19. “How are you a Maharashtrian if you’re a Muslim?”

Anurag Kashyap Films / Via fuckyeahbollygifs.tumblr.com

Because geography and my religious beliefs are totally the same thing.

20. You must really hate Modi na?

Yash Raj Films / Via http://fuckyeahbollygifs.tumblr.com

You know what I really hate? Your assumptions.

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