20 Signs You’re Moroccan

You’re Moroccan when ..

1. 1. Heat can’t burn your hands anymore , thanks to the Couscous ritual

2. 2. You find it harmless to check a gas bottle with a lighter

3. 3. It’s a disgrace when someone moves out from his parents house before getting married

4. 4. You have a vaccination mark on your left arm

5. 5. There’s always one or two extra tea glasses on the tray

Moroccan people are nice and generous . Everybody is welcome for a glass of tea

6. 6. You cross the street from wherever you like , who cares about the crosswalk anyway ?

7. 7 . Waiting for the red light ?

Via Meme generator

8. 8. You tell jokes where the Moroccan is the most malignant and the one who always wins

9. 9. It’s totally normal to the entire family to spend the whole summer at your aunt’s place next to the beach

10. 10. Eveything is “borrowable” from the neighbours

11. 11. And everything is eatable in the sheep

well , almost ..

12. 12. As a child, you were told that the sheep’s testicles were its “tits”

Via Moroccan Trolls

13. 13. You claim for tasting the watermelon before buying it

14. 14. And there’s nothing illegal about eating free olives at the hypermarket

I love free olives!

15. 15. It’s normal for a 7 year old boy to go the women’s Hammam with his mum

16. 16. And the spines of the soldier thistle are called “The Beard of Satan”

Via Moroccan Trolls

17. 17. You send SMS from 1313 when you’re out of credit ( Maroc Telecom free messages )

18. 18. You bite batteries to recharge them

19. 19. Cards games are the best

Ronda <3

20. 20. Your mum would drop everything to watch Choumicha’s recipes

And yes , Moroccan people are awesome !

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