UPDATED: The Royal Baby Will Look Like This (GIFs)

The Royal Baby countdown is on — Hold on to your derby hats and crumpets. With only a few short days until the birth of the Royal Baby, forensic-generated images show a few ways the Royal Baby could pop out. Girl or boy? Which image looks closest to your idea of the Royal Baby? Share below!

1. In a few fateful days, something magical will happen.

ID: 1370529

2. Contain yourselves…

ID: 1370542

4. …try to keep it together…

ID: 1370545

6. …BUT, the big news is…

ID: 1370550


ID: 1370493

9. Even BABIES are celebrating this royal arrival.

ID: 1370507

10. Like, seriously.

ID: 1370571

11. This is a big, baby deal.

ID: 1370570

12. We know Prince William and Princess Kate were adorable tykes…

ID: 1370052

13. …so this baby’s got some good genes.

ID: 1370778

14. How will the Royal Baby fare, you ask?

According to forensic images, we have a few options.

ID: 1370090

15. Here we go.

ID: 1370632

16. Will it be a boy or girl?

ID: 1370100

17. Who thinks he’s a BOY?

ID: 1370733

18. He could look like this.

ID: 1370124

19. Or this.

ID: 1370087

21. If he gets into a bottle of Spike Gel.

ID: 1370423

22. Or, will it be a GIRL?

ID: 1370749

23. Potentially, she’ll look like this.

ID: 1370130

25. Or this.

ID: 1370160

26. Perhaps even a boy-girl morphling.

ID: 1370298

28. And apparently — Royal Babies have to grow up.

ID: 1370470

30. Experts say (s)he could look like this.

ID: 1370309

31. Or this.

ID: 1370362

32. Or maybe this.

ID: 1370371

33. But whatever this Royal Baby is…

ID: 1370594

34. …whatever (s)he looks like…

ID: 1370614

35. One thing is certain.

ID: 1370674

39. Bring on the Royal Baby!

ID: 1371111

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