31 Fictional Characters Celebrating The Ruling On DOMA And Proposition 8

We can only speculate, but they’re probably just as excited as we are today.

1. Spongebob Squarepants

Bringing joy to Bikini Bottom and beyond, we love this little sponge.

ID: 1309908

2. Ken

We all know the traditional Barbie and Ken story. But Toy Story 3 made us question his orientation — we do adore his throwback outfit.

ID: 1309980

3. Albus Dumbledore

Yes — it’s true! Albus is and always has been gay, according to J.K. Rowling.

ID: 1310000

4. Ennis and Jack

In 2005, the Brokeback Mountain relationship went fullscreen in theaters. And we still love it.

ID: 1310009

5. The Cast of Glee

This cast is FULL of amazing relationships. We can’t take it.

ID: 1310021

6. Stewie Griffin

Stewie and Rupert? Stewie and Brian? Which charming Family Guy couple will win?

ID: 1310033

7. Tom Friendly

Rumors had always circulated that Tom Friendly from LOST was gay, but those rumors were confirmed in a flashback that aired after he died about his relations with a younger Hispanic man.

ID: 1310045

8. Batwoman

The fantastically hot, red-haired lesbian crimefighter, Batwoman, teams up with her former lover Renee Montoya to keep Gotham safe. Did we mention she’s a superhero?

ID: 1310052

9. Gru

Voiced by Steve Carrell, we’re still figuring out this lead Despicable Me character — and absolutely looking forward to Despicable Me 2.

ID: 1309930

10. Capt. Jack Harkness

The thing about the Capt. from Doctor Who is that he’s omnisexual. He’s likes men, women and/or aliens, the “and/or” meaning separately or at the same time.

ID: 1310066

11. Lance Bass

…okay, he’s not fictional. But he sure is hot.

ID: 1310080

12. C3PO

We know C3PO has always fancied Luke and R2D2…

ID: 1310082

13. Thirteen

Not only is Thirteen from House bisexual on the show, but she is totally, drop dead gorgeous.

ID: 1310153

14. Damian

This Mean Girls co-star came up with the famed line, “Too gay to function!”

ID: 1310092

15. Lafayette from TrueBlood

Lafayette speaks for himself.

ID: 1310096

16. Loras Tyrell

We meet the gorgeous Sir Loras after a jousting match in the midst of a steamy sex scene in Game of Thrones. Not to mention, his equally steamy scene with Renly…

ID: 1310103

17. Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy

Standing by eachothers’ sides in and out of crime, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy “Unite!”

ID: 1310105

18. Tom & Jerry

It’s a love-hate relationship. You understand.

ID: 1310118

19. Mitch and Cam

This Modern Family duo has stolen the hearts of their television audience, with a heartwarming marriage and adorable daughter, Lily.

ID: 1310126

20. Barney Frank

…also definitely not fictional, but we can’t help but love Barney Frank for being a standup guy.

ID: 1310132

21. Bret & Jermaine

We don’t know about these two, but we sure do love their dynamic.

ID: 1310085

22. Burt & Ernie

Together for years, these two best friends have been sensational partners in crime. Sesame Street says no to their marriage, but many fans are still holding out hope.

ID: 1310139

23. Willow Rosenberg

Finally, five seasons into Buffy, we see her first on-screen kiss with Tara. You go girls.

ID: 1310146

24. Dobby

We’ll never quite know with this little dude, but we do know, unequivocally, he loves our boy H.P.!

ID: 1310167

25. Achilles and Patroclus

Though it was only subtly hinted at in Troy, this Greek couple had always been rumored to be gay. And can you think of a more perfect pair?

ID: 1310401

26. Dugdrio

Really no basis to this one. We just wonder about these three Pokemon constantly living together.

ID: 1310408

27. Herbert

The most relentless cartoon character of them all… Herbert from Family Guy.

ID: 1310438

28. Cast of Queer Eye

Last non-fiction posting — but Queer Eye, simply, rocks.

ID: 1310448

29. Queer Duck

I mean, no need to be subtle — it’s Queer Duck.

ID: 1310455

30. He-Man

He sports a ‘bob’ and uses a bunch of baby oil. Just a hunch.

ID: 1310463

31. Tinkywinky

Last but CERTAINLY not least, our purple Tellytubby friend, Tinkywinky! Not to mention, he has a fantastic eye for handbags.

ID: 1310467

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