17 Signs Your Vegan Phase Is No Longer A Phase

We’re all guilty of going through food phases, but sometimes lifestyle changes can actually stick.

1. You know what to say when someone asks you where you get your protein from.

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2. When people ask you what you eat you’re like um…

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Besides meat and dairy, of course.

3. The only blender you respect is Vitamix.

4. All-vegan restaurants make you giddy.

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5. Suddenly, vegan cupcakes are like the best thing ever.

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6. You’ve noticed people talk to you like you’re a nutritionist.

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7. You treat Whole Foods like it’s your savings account.

8. You find it seriously impossible to enter without buying anything.

9. When someone tells you they’re vegan and eat chicken you feel misunderstood.

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10. You no longer feel embarrassed when you ask the waiter for something off the menu.

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11. Your cabinet is always stocked with B12.

12. The smell of bacon no longer tempts you.

13. You notice sneaky non-vegan ingredients in seemingly vegan food and drinks.

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I’m talking to you, whey and casein!

14. You get freakishly excited when your friend tells you they’re going vegan.

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15. You always credit your plant-based diet for your soft skin and shiny hair.

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16. Because the answer to all of your problems is a kale smoothie.

17. And last but NOT least, Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Clinton are your heroes.

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