What Kind Of Pit Bull Are You?

There’s nothing cuter or sweeter than a pit bull!

    1. Play volleyball.
    2. Sunbathe, of course.
    3. Photo Credit: San Diego Shooter via Compfight cc
      Try surfing!
    1. Picnic with my family.
    2. Play frisbee with my best pal.
    3. Make new friends!
    1. 20th Century Fox
      The Sandlot
    2. Paramount Pictures
      Wayne’s World
    3. Paramount Pictures
      Forrest Gump
    1. New Line Cinema
      Austin Powers
    2. New Line Cinema
      The Notebook
    3. Warner Bros. Pictures
    1. Photo Credit: Fabio Aro via Compfight cc
      Mini Cooper
    2. Pick-up Truck
    3. Photo Credit: MSVG via Compfight cc
      Dodge Dart
    1. Mini Van
    2. Photo Credit: JackAZ Photo via Compfight cc
      Jeep Wrangler
    3. Photo Credit: Cyberlemur via Compfight cc
      Oscar Mayer Mobile
    1. NBC
    2. Sony Pictures
    3. Warner Bros.
      Full House
    1. KoMut Entertainment
      Will & Grace
    2. 20th Television
      How I Met Your Mother
    3. NBC
      30 Rock
    1. Photo Credit: simplistic.designs via Compfight cc
      Michael Jordan
    2. Photo Credit: sandra.scherer via Compfight cc
      Albert Einstein
    3. Lil Bub
    1. Photo Credit: dogwelder via Compfight cc
    2. Photo Credit: Pete Morawski via Compfight cc
      Ryan Gosling
    3. Photo Credit: via Compfight cc

2. Thumbnail credit: NiteLynx via Compfight cc

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