Top Ten Cuddliest Pets Of The Week

After voting in our Cute Or Not submissions this week, these are the cuties who came out on top!

10. Klaus and Cosmo cracked the top ten with their adorable snuggling abilities, but cuddling wasn’t enough to beat…

9. …Cookie, the energetic Beagle! Her sweet puppy dog eyes couldn’t triumph against…

8. …Cheeseburger, the chickpea-loving Chihuahua! Those cute booties didn’t measure up to…

7. …Penny, the sassy Shih Tzu! That fabulous hairstyle couldn’t edge out…

6. …Irma, the trendiest Collie! He wasn’t stylish enough to win against..

5. …Conan, the coolest dog EVER. This Swissie’s stripes weren’t trendy enough for…

4. …Maxwell, the baby chewbacca! He wasn’t able to ride his way past…

3. …Jeffrey and Indi! Their brotherly love wasn’t enough for a cute conquest over…

2. …Indiana, the kissable kitten! Too bad he couldn’t charm his way to a win against…

1. …Meeko, the Cute or Not Champion of the week!



Frances, the lizard with the sweet dance moves.

Toby needs no explanation for his awesomeness.

…and finally, Lola who seriously cannot believe she wasn’t Cute or Not Champ of the week.

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