19 Animal Facts That Will Make You Want To Hug Your Mom


1. Once a baby joey becomes too big for her pouch, a koala bear mom will carry him on her back.

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2. Polar bears cubs stay with their mom for at least two years, learning the ropes about hunting and diving.

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3. Baby elephants can’t see very well when they’re first born so they identify their mom through “touch, scent and sound.”

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4. Emperor penguin moms and dads alternate roles while raising a chick, one will hunt for food while they other stays at the breeding site to keep the baby warm and safe.

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5. A Harp seal mom can identify her baby from “hundreds of others based on smell alone.”

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6. For the first two years of their life, young orangutans are dependent their mom for food and transportation.

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7. Each night before going to sleep gorillas make a cozy bed out of leaves. Gorilla moms share these nests with their nursing babies.

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8. A mother cheetah finds a hiding place for their cubs before she goes hunting.

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9. Giraffe mothers “often return to where they were born to have their own babies.”

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10. Baby rhinoceroses are born with no horn so they depend entirely on their mother for protection.

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11. Zebra moms keep their babies in the center of the herd to keep them safe from predators.

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12. If joeys are frightened, they’ll jump headfirst into their mother’s pouch!

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13. If a Siberian Tiger mom needs to move her babies to a safer place, she gently carries them by the scruff of their neck.

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14. A mother meerkat will leave her den to hunt, but she gets another meerkat to babysit her pups while she’s gone.

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15. Wolf pups are born blind and deaf so they need constant attention from their mom!

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16. A moose calf can stay with his mom for up to a year before it’s time for mom to have another baby.

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17. Sea lion pups and their mom communicate through special vocalizations so they can identify one another.

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18. A mother hippopotamus gives birth to her baby underwater, then helps him to the surface so he’s able to breathe.

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19. A lioness will hide her cubs in a dense bush until they’re old enough to join the pride.

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