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  • Kids Getting Sick?? Here’s How To Stay Healthy.

    You just heard it: the first sneeze of the season or the first cough of the school year. Whether you just don’t want to get sick yourself or you are trying to prevent yourself from spreading the disease to your other children, you can keep some simple tips in mind to beat disease. While everyone does become ill once in awhile, you can do your best to stop yourself from being sick at the same time your kids are by following some simple wellness tips. Go Outdoors if Possible All different degrees of illness exist, and your children might not be terribly sick. If they just have a little cold and the weather is nice, do your best to spend some time outdoors. All of that fresh air will likely help them to clear up and breathe better. On top of that, you do not have to worry as much about the germs getting all over the house. The less time those nasty little germs spend indoors, they less time they have to take over and get the rest of your family sick. Sanitize Away Even if you really never use hand sanitizer in your daily life, this is a good time to start. Soap and water will help to keep the germs away too, but you probably don’t want to run to the sink every time your children cough or sneeze. Make sure you are cleaning the house with antibacterial disinfectant products as well. No matter how many times you remind the kids to wash their hands and to cover their noses when they sneeze, some germs are almost certain to end up on the counter tops. Keep Yourself Healthy and Fit While you might be tempted to just veg out on the couch all day with your sick children and eat unhealthy foods, you need to keep yourself energized and healthy. Doing so helps you to optimize your own health and to allow you to take care of the kids without shutting down. Don’t start eating a lot of garbage just because the kids are sick and you have something extra on your plate. Make sure you are continuing to eat a well-balanced diet. The kids are probably going to call to you in the night for help, but make sure you and your spouse are sharing the responsibility. Get plenty of rest and drink lots of water to stay alert and hydrated. Don’t Cater to Their Every Whim This rule doesn’t apply if your children are extremely ill or if they are very young. However, if your 12-year-old has a minor cough and fever and has already been to the doctor, you do not need to be at his or her side every second. Do what is reasonable to ensure that your child stays healthy, safe, hydrated and nourished during his or her illness. However, simple tasks, such as picking up a magazine to read that’s just across the room, do not necessitate your assistance when the ailment is minor. Specific Preventative Treatments When your children are sick, you also need to consider what they are sick with when you are trying to figure out how to stay healthy. Illnesses are often transmitted in different ways or are more highly contagious when a certain action is taken. Ask the doctor how this particular illness is spread and make sure you are avoiding that type of contact. When you are really concerned, you can speak to your own doctor about certain preventative measures that you need to take to protect your body from getting it. When your children are not feeling well, you might be willing to go to any measure to prevent yourself from getting sick. Remember, you may not be able to prevent illnesses 100 percent of the time, but you can try your very best to keep the germs from spreading any more around the house.

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