Xbox One Loosens Used Joke Restrictions

Good work, everyone. We did it.

- Xbox One Eighty: Microsoft Finds It Still Needs Gamers To Sell Gaming Consoles

- Xbox One Eighty – How consumer power changed the video games industry

- Xbox One Eighty: Microsoft fails to sell the future, retreats to the past

- Xbox One- Eighty — Microsoft Acquiesces on ‘Always On’

- The Xbox One-Eighty: Microsoft Drops Online Requirements, Used Game Restrictions, and Kills Family Sharing

- Xbox One-Eighty: Microsoft Regional/Used Game Restrictions & Online Requirements Reversed

- Xbox One-80: Microsoft reverses Xbox One DRM features

- Microsoft pulls a 180, reverses Xbox One always-on DRM and used games policy

- Microsoft Pulling An Xbox One80 On DRM And Region Locking

- “Call it the Xbox One Eighty

- “Microsoft’s Xbox One, or Xbone, or Xbox One Eighty, the latest trendy nickname

- “It’s an Xbox One Eighty as Microsoft drops controversial measures.”

- “Er gaat waarschijnlijk nog veel meer gezegd worden over deze Xbox One Eighty

- Microsoft Pulls An Xbox One-80 On Their DRM And Always-Online Policies, But At A Cost

- Xbox One-80: Microsoft reverses nearly all Xbox One DRM features

- Microsoft Does an Xbox One – Eighty

- Xbox One-Eighty: Microsoft Backtracks on New Console DRM

- Talking Point: What Does Microsoft’s Massive Xbox One-Eighty Mean for PS4?

- The Xbox One Eighty – The Microsoft DRM Reversal A Backwards Step?

- “So distracted by the utterly perfect poetry of “Xbox 180” that I can barely focus on the actual issue.

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