The Infinite Porns Of Pinterest

To a person with a hammer, everything looks like a nail. To a person with a Pinterest account, everything looks like porn. These are all real pinboards.

1. “Food Porn”

2. “Fewd Porn”

3. “Dish Porn”

4. “Shoe Porn”

5. “Dog Porn”

6. “Cookie Porn”

7. “Lady Porn”

8. “Book Porn”

9. “Bookshelf Porn”

10. “Geek Porn”

11. “Real Estate Porn”

12. “Craft Porn”

13. “Car Porn”

14. “Hair Porn”

15. “Word Porn”

16. “Wall Porn”

17. “Foot Porn”

18. “Kayak Porn”

19. “Barcodes Porn”

20. “Bead Porn”

21. “Male Porn Star Porn”

22. “Paper Porn”

23. “My Boot Porn”

24. “OCD Porn”

25. “Steel Porn”

26. “Knitting Queue and Yarn Porn”

27. “Fishing Gear Porn”


29. “Porn for my Stomach”

30. “House Porn”

31. “Earth Porn (Very SFW)”

32. “Pudding Porn”

British usage, I guess.

33. “Robert Downey Jr. Porn”

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