Pinview Turns Facebook Into Pinterest

This is actually a really nice way to look at Facebook, I think? Also, a good reminder: All our social networks are kind of the same.

PinView is simple Facebook app that reformats your Facebook account in the style of a Pinterest pinboard. It’s actually a pretty nice way to look at Facebook for users who aren’t terribly active; it gives you an instant, 10,000-foot view of what your friends are posting, without the need to constantly scroooolllllll. Try it here; it takes about five seconds to install and doesn’t make any permanent changes to your account.

Browsing my Pinterestified Facebook account feels quite a bit like browsing actual Pinterest, in both style and content. There are fewer pictures of food and furniture, and more dudes around. Everyone seems a little more inhibited. There’s a lot more news.

But other than that the differences are surprisingly subtle. The main difference between the biggest social network and the newest, it turns out, is a simple stylesheet.

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