Mitt Romney’s AMA Was On Yahoo Answers

Five months before Barack Obama’s Reddit AMA, ABC News and Mitt Romney opened up the floor for questions from a different internet community. It didn’t go so well. (via @mikeisaac.)

1. It started a lot like Barack Obama’s Reddit AMA

ID: 550729

2. Then the trolls showed up

ID: 550716

6. Actually, I’m not sure there are anything BUT trolls at Yahoo Answers

ID: 550728

7. They had a lot of “questions” about Mormonism

ID: 550717

11. And Romney’s wealth

ID: 550723

13. And immigration, sort of

ID: 550722

14. Actually, this one isn’t so bad

ID: 550715

15. Ah, there, that’s more like it

ID: 550719

16. The interview eventually aired, with only a few questions from Yahoo users

Actually, when you get down to it, today’s AMA wasn’t that different.

ID: 550782

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