Mining YouTube For TV Gold

Network Awesome creates clipped-together TV shows from millions of unsorted, hard-to-find YouTube videos. Every day its curators (who seem to have great taste) pick six new subjects to build shows around. Today’s schedule: Ingmar Bergman, Björk, Ace of Base, and Iceland. Careful now, this is a time-hole you can’t climb out of.

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  • Migrant deaths in the Mediterranean have exceeded 2,000, making 2015 the deadliest year for people trying to reach Europe, according to the International Organization for Migration.
  • At least 24 homes have been lost and one firefighter killed as dozens of wildfires continue to ravage drought-stricken California.
  • Three major U.S. airlines — Delta, American, and United — have banned the transport of big game trophies after the illegal killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe.
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