Meet "Drunk Nate Silver"

He’s like The Onion Joe Biden of election forecasters.

1. It all started with a tweet from Dan Levitan:

2. Now, it’s trending:

Drunk Nate Silver, staring glumly in the mirror, on the day he realizes that this marriage is over, but will fight the odds anyway.

— reportermike (@Mike Dang)

Drunk Nate Silver vomiting a Fibonacci spiral on the floor of Taco Bell

— dangerwalter (@Aaron Walter)

Drunk Nate Silver is re-taking OK cupid quizzes.

— digimatized (@alfred maskeroni)

drunk nate silver sighing loudly while looking over a russian lady's shoulder as she does sudoku on the subway

— max_read (@max read)

Drunk Nate Silver strolling around a casino, whispering "you're on a roll" in strangers' ears

— jwherrman (@John Herrman)

Drunk Nate Silver passed out curled up in a parabola

— stuef (@Jack Stuef)

Drunk Nate Silver explaining to you why your baby will manage a Radisohack

— KTLincoln (@Kevin Lincoln)

Drunk Nate Silver, a very good poker player, doubles down

— nostrich (@Dick Wisdom)

Drunk Nate Silver reels off the next 18 months of Pitchfork scores *and* Best New Musics.

— jeremypgordon (@Jeremy Gordon)

Drunk Nate Silver claiming that Paul Krugman is “mere minutes from death”

— edzitron (@Ed Zitron)

Drunk Nate Silver watching your funeral from the bushes, nodding

— jwherrman (@John Herrman)

Drunk Nate Silver is frustrated in Union Square-- "IT'S A CLOCK!!!!!!!!"

— digimatized (@alfred maskeroni)

Drunk Nate Silver "solving" Grindr.

— rilaws (@Richard Lawson)

Drunk Nate Silver counting out exactly five hundred and thirty-eight french fries at McDonalds, then slowly dipping 206 of them in ketchup

— benjaminjackson (@Ben Jackson)

Drunk Nate Silver at the counter of a 7-11, asks proprietor "What's the most you ever lost in a coin toss, friendo?", buys another 4-Loko.

— rustyk5 (@Rusty Foster)

Drunk Nate Silver in Times Square on New Year's Eve counting down before everyone else.

— AustinWulf (@Austin Wulf)

Drunk Nate Silver knows exactly how to fix Dylan Byers' fantasy football team, but won't tell him.

— Agmoseman (@Andrew Moseman)

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